Introduction of LONGBENG

LONGBENG mainly engages in development and manufacture of fuel injection system products of diesel engines over 60 years. As a result it becomes one of a leading enterprises in domestic fuel injection pump industry. 

Its products include mechanical fuel injection pumps, electronic unit pumps, high-pressure common rail fuel injection systems and so on.

LONGBENG provides high-quality auxiliary products for over 20 major manufacturers including Weichai Power, Yuchai International Co., Ltd., Changchai Co.,Ltd., etc. It produces a great variety of high-tech, high-quality goods which can meet Euro Ⅲ and Euro IV emission standards and is widely applied to automobiles, ships, generators, engineering machinery and other industries.

Mechanical inline pump :

It can use for engine bore range from 80mm to 200mm, be suitable for tens of horsepower to 2000 horsepower diesel engine. Meanwhile it can select all kinds of governor(RFD, RSV, RSUV-Z, RQ, RQV, RQV-K, R801, RLD) and correction method.



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