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About CO-MACH Power Company Limited

About Riveting Machine FactoryCO-MACH POWER COMPANY LIMITED has been established in Dongfeng- one of the largest Automobile manufacturing plant in China. CO-MACH is specialized in rebuilding (remanufacturing) & distributing Mechanical & Electronic engines: Cummins 4B3.3, 4B3.9, 6B5.9, 6C8.3, 6L8.9, L10, M11, NT855, K19, K38, QSB4.5, QSB6.7, ISL, QSL, QSM11, Komatsu 4D95, 6D102, 6D107, 6D114 etc.

Meanwhile CO-MACH distributes the Overstocked New Original Engine Assemblies and engine spares like Fuel Pumps, Fuel Injectors, Turbochargers, Filters, Starters, Alternators, Gaskets and so on, CO-MACH provide one stop shopping of the New or Recon engines and engine components.

With distributors and partners worldwide, CO-MACH has delivered over 600 assembly engines and engine parts which is valued over $5 million to a wide range of customers and industries around the world, over 50 countries and regions, including Russia, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, UAE, Spain, USA, Brazil, Venezuela, Paraguay ...

  • CO-MACH hold the stock of some factories which manufacture the Turbochargers, Filters, Gaskets. 
  • Quality and Reputation are our Top Priority.
  • High quality products: OEM ones or Equivalent OEM ones.
  • Competitive price and On-time shipping.
  • All the engines will be guaranteed, Free parts will be provided during the warranty.
  • Engine building go through a rigorous 5-step process, with engine parts catalog checking, parts ordering, engine building, running testing and packing to ensure that they meet or exceed – original performance specifications.

Why "CO-MACH" Engines?

CO-MACH engines are fully built with over 15-years experienced Cummins technicians under Cummins's instructions and configuration to meet or exceed original new engine performance specifications. CO-MACH offers several options like complete engines, long bock engines, short block engines for your equipment. Considering the price of an original new engine, along with the reduced downtime compared to a major overhaul, as well as the quality and warranty assurances that come with a CO-MACH engine, replacing the engine just may be the best choice.

  1. High Quality & OEM Specific

    CO-MACH will assure the quality through rigorous inspection for each parts which will be used for the engine building. During the engine building process, CO-MACH will use 90% OEM or OEM equivalent parts. For greater durability, critical wear parts such as bearings and seals are always replaced on every unit regardless of condition. The engine running test will be carried out after completing engine building. 

  2. Time Critical – Fast Delivery, Get Your Equipment Into Work Fast

    CO-MACH has a large SKU (Stockkeeping Unit) which normally can ensure the engines be ready for delivery in 3-7 days. So that it will reduce the breakdown time of your equipment. Because you don’t have to search the spares everywhere, wait for the spares delivery, take time to repair your breakdown engine. Choose CO-MACH will be your smart decision!

  3. Cost Effective – Save Your Time & Money

    CO-MACH remanufactured engines save around 40% over dealers. Meanwhile every minute counts, CO-MACH’s rapid delivery saves your downtime and it saves your money

  4. Standard Warranty – No Aftersales Worries

    The remanufactured CO-MACH Engines are guaranteed according to company’s warranty policy! CO-MACH engines will be ordered and installed without any worries!

  5. 24 Hours, 7 Days Technical Support

    CO-MACH provide a 24 hours, 7 days a week technical support. If there is any questions about CUMMINS diesel engines and spares, you can contact us directly. M/P: +86-18772211931

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Can not find your products? Feel free to contact us directly and show your products requirement, CO-MACH teams will provide the most professional and affordable solutions within 2 hours!

Automotive Engines

Fuel Pumps & Fuel Injectors


CO-MACH Product Range

  • Engine Complete / Long Block / Short Block: Cummins 4BT3.9, 6BT5.9, 6CT8.3, 6L8.9, L9.3, L9.5, L10, M11, NT855, K19, K38, QSB4.5, QSB6.7, QSC8.3, QSL8.9, QSM11, QSZ13, ISBE, ISLE, ISM11, ISZ13, L8.9G, ISL8.9G, Komatsu 4D95, 4D102, 6D102, 6D114 ...
  • Overstocked Engine Assy: Overstocked engines of the following brand engines: Yuchai, Weichai, Shangchai, Deutz, CNHTC, Changchai, Quanchai, Sida, Yunnei, Lovol ...
  • Fuel System Parts: Fuel injectors, Fuel Pumps, from the following manufactures: Chongqing(CCQFSC/CFSC), BYC(Asimco), Weifu, Longbeng, Bosch, Cummins, Denso, Zexel, Dephi ...
  • Turbochargers: Turbos for the following brand of engines: Cummins, Weichai, Komatsu, Hino, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Volvo, Kamaz, Scania, Iveco, Isuzu, Deutz, Man, Renault, Detroit ...
  • Filters: Fuel Filter, Air Filters, Lube Oil Filters, Water Separators, Hydraulic Filters for the following brand machinery: Cummins, Shantui, Sany, Zoomlion, XCMG, XGMA, SDLG, Lonking, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Doosan, Case, John Deer, New Holland ...
  • Other Parts: Diesel Engine Components like the Gaskets, Aftercooler Cores, L.O Cooler Cores, Starting Motors, Alternators, Accessory Drive, Belt Tensioners, pistons, bearings, rings, liners ...