Gas Engines

CO-MACH Gas Engines

Cummins Automotive Engine Application

        CO-MACH builds & distributes Cummins , Weichai, Yuchai, Shangchai Gas engines. Those products are widely used in urban public transport, highway buses, heavy-duty trucks, construction machinery, marine power, power generation equipment and other fields.

        In order to meet different requirements for your equipments, CO-MACH provide the Complete Engine Assy, Long Block Engine, Short Block Engine, Extended Long Block, Surplus Engine. And according to the engine condition, CO-MACH offer the Original New engine, Overstocked original engine, Rebuilt / Recon / Remanufactured engine.

Gas Engines Catalog

        Regarding to gas engines, CO-MACH distributes or builds the followings models: Cummins BG5.9, ISDe6.7G, 6L8.9G, G8.3, Weichai WP5, WP6, WP7, WP10, WP12, Shangchai D,E,H,R series and Yuchai YC4DN, YC6MKN, YC4GN, YC6GN, YC6GN, YC6KN, YC6LN series. Pls check the detailed engine models and information as below.

BG5.9 Series

ISDE6.7 Series

G8.3 Series

6L8.9G Series

YC4DN Series Yuchai

D Series SDEC Power

E Series SDEC Power

H Series SDEC Power

R Series SDEC Power

YC6MKN Series Yuchai

YC4GN Series Yuchai

YC6GN Series Yuchai

YC6JN Series Yuchai

YC6KN Series Yuchai

YC6LN Series Yuchai

WP5 Series Weichai

WP6 Series Weichai

WP7 Series Weichai

WP10 Series Weichai

WP12 Series Weichai


Gas Engines Strategic Partners

        Canada Westport is the leader in creating breakthrough technologies in natural gas engines. Both Cummins and Weichai cooperated with Canada westport in the gas engine field. Westport imagines, builds, demonstrates and commercializes technologies that provide environmental and economic solutions to customers, while delivering best-class performance and operational characteristics for clean, sustainable and commercially viable transportation.